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​"Journaling the Journey"


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Group Life Coaching Session

                                                                     Individual & Group Life Coaching Services

We partner with our clients to address specific life-centered areas which have created roadblocks within their lives. We specialize in

assisting our clients in getting "unstuck." Sometimes we all need a little help ; a little encouragement; a little cheering on; and some

accountability in order to make changes and quality decisions in our lives. Life Coaching could be the missing link.

Consider your responses to the following questions to help you to determine if Life Coaching could be for you.

Do you struggle with following through with decisions? Are you content with where you are in life? Are your friendships and relationships

healthy? Do you find yourself procrastinating with tasks which need to be completed? What is your image of "you?"

                                                       Business Coaching, Professional Development,  & Consulting Services

We have a proven track record of assisting our business clients with career path strategies and business goals. We also provide business

start-up consultations.

                                                       Professional Christian Life Coach Certification

This is a thriving service provided by At the Table Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking Services. The six weeks program provides

comprehensive training which focuses on laying the foundation to a clear understanding of Life Coaching, as well as the basic skills and

heart of Life Coaching. The program offers one-on-one training with a test client.  This affords every trainee an opportunity to experience

coaching during the certification process. The six week program is followed by a final exam prior to certification. Please complete the

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                                                                           Public Speaking Services

Coach J Dianne Tribble is a dynamic motivational speaker and Corporate trainer. She also conducts training via webinars.

Coach J Dianne is a Corporate Trainer providing health & wellness training to various organizations throughout North Florida and beyond.

To book her for your event or training opportunity,please complete the Contact Form. Please list your call back number in the message box. 

We are here to enlighten, inspire, educate, jumpstart, and challenge.

Popular workshops include:

 -  The Essential 'C' Experience 
 - Taking the Plunge: Faith to Override Fear
 - Funnel Vision
 - The Star Inside of You
 - Journaling: The Power of Writing It Down - Yourstory

 -  Managing My Time as I Manage Me
 -  Weave the Dream At the Table

Essential "C" Workshop with Pastor Maxwell Ngove & leadership team of Divine Tribe International Ministries


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