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We’re living in a day and time when it seems there are just not enough hours in a day to do the things we really would like to do. Sensing a void on the inside, many of us override our hearts cries by continuing to press through the day to day demands as one day spills over into another. How long must this vicious cycle continue? The Star Inside of You Motivational Nuggets and Inspirational Stories of Encouragement has been written to build your confidence and to encourage you to do what it takes to win. Discovering your passion can lead to discovering your purpose. Once discovered, do what it takes to live the dream. You’ll find that in living the dream, it will bring completeness, wholeness, contentment, and joy to your life. Be prepared to examine your personal life as you read each nugget and life story. Ask yourself, “How does this nugget or life story relate to my life and what can I learn from it?”   Let the journey begin.

 We hear the term “Life Coach” used so loosely today, yet in many circles, the definition is all but gray. To bring clarity to the term, So You Want to Be a Life Coach Anthology has been written by a group of passionate Professional Life Coaches. This group literary work consists of our individual Life Coach stories as we not only define the specialized field, but share a plethora of supporting items. Assessments, FAQ’s, testimonials, recommended reading lists, quotes, action step challenges, exercises,  motivational nuggets, etc. await you. This is an excellent good-read recommended to individuals who are interested in becoming Certified Life Coaches; to those who are already Life Coaches; to business professionals; to counselors and social workers; to leaders; to life-long learners; to clients; to fans; and to friends.

As a published author, Coach J Dianne Tribble has resources available to assist you in moving forward in your dreams, goals, and aspirations. Keep the motivation, inspiration, and desire to make lasting changes alive by investing in the following resources. Here's to your continuous success!

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Are you ready to jumpstart your thoughts and discussions? Chew & Chat MORSELS At the Table is a compilation of 31 conversation starters. Use the wisdom enriched morsels for ice-breakers, writing prompts, personal reflections, and in group discussions. Each morsel is followed by three thought-provoking questions, which are designed to launch you into action. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

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