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Through the services of At the Table Life Coaching, as a new coach, I have finally found my passion, my gift, my purpose in the kingdom.  Life Coaching offers so much to the client; in that of a listening ear, a support system, and a creative outlet to sort through life's challenges.  Coach Tribble has a gift to truly cultivate the hearts and minds of God's people encouraging them to be all that he has created them to be.  I am grateful to be a part of the At the Table vision.
-Coach Jerrica Blackwell, Chesapeake, VA

I would like to thank Coach J Dianne Tribble for her untiring devotion to coaching and the inspiration she gives to others. It is with pride, that with her instruction and guidance, I am a Coach!  The course of study was enlightening and provocative. I can say that I have gone to places within that I've never known existed. I've had to answer questions that I've shied away from because of fear. I can say that I've faced my fear, accepted who I am, and I'm moving forward to continue to be a better person. I thank God for Coach Tribble. You are awesome.

~ Coach Marvin West, Jacksonville, FL

When I think of Coach Tribble and the Life Coaching program, one word stands out to me "gift."  Coach Tribble is a gift to the world. She has been a great inspiration in helping me achieve my dreams. She always ask me those thought provoking questions to help me dig deeper. After each coaching session, I am always at peace and very motivated to move forward with the next step. Life coaching was a necessary step that I needed to take in my life.  I am so grateful that my path crossed with Coach Tribble. 

~ Coach Lakisha Williams, American Educator, Abu Dhabi

My training program experience was outstanding!!! I truly learned a lot. Coach Tribble was very encouraging and her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is absolutely contagious. The learning materials were always a confirmation of what was being taught and the homework assignments were great. My favorite thing that I’ll take with me from the training program is a new mindset. It is amazing that your paradigm can be changed and who you are can be changed in such a short time but that is exactly what has happened to me. I have been impacted and I am better person for having gone through this Training Program…knowledge truly is POWER!!!!"
~ Coach Beverly Kenner, Tampa, FL

Before I was introduced to the Christian Life Coaching Certification Program, I was blind to see how much of an impact I could make with everyday scenarios with my community and now that I have gone through the journey with Coach Trainer J Dianne Tribble, I can confidently say that I can significantly impact the lives of many people with the teachings I’ve learned here! I would recommend this program to anybody who is serious about taking his or her life to the next level, building better relationships, and helping people better their lives!

~ Coach Austin Strickland, Towaco, NJ

Coach Tribble's program was exactly what I was looking for! She is inspiring, motivating and very knowledgeable about life coaching. I highly recommend her life coach training program!

~ Coach L (LaRonda) Howard, Jacksonville, FL

This certification process has open my eyes and enhanced my understanding of exactly what I've been doing naturally. I've honed my listening skills, questioning techniques and enhanced my spiritual growth, personal development and a sincere understanding of GOD's desires for me. This process has added an entire new dimension to my mentor, counselor and coaching repertoire. I feel confident, encouraged and fully qualified to offer my formal teachings, skills and years of experience as a "Life Coach". As I continue my passion for people, this certification has only enhanced my sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of today's youth as a Life Coach. Thank you Coach J Dianne Tribble for leading, guiding and tutoring me throughout this formal certification. I am forever grateful for your commitment and dedication.

~ Coach Frederick O. Pharr, FORCM(ret), USN., Jacksonville, FL

After college, I moved to Jacksonville, FL with a vision to help make a lasting change in the lives of people. I was not exactly sure, yet I kept exploring. I came across an At the Table ad in IMPACT Magazine. Responding to the ad, I met Coach J Dianne and conveyed my vision and requested mentorship. I received a lot more than I asked for. I received my professional Life Coach certification! The certification enabled me to  land a career with a corporate company and to run my own business at the tender age of 25. Being a professional Life Coach has played an intricate role in my career and spiritual development. I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to make a positive IMPACT on this world!

~ Coach Quan Brookens, Jacksonville, FL


Do you have a genuine love for people? Do you love to see people win? Do you have a heart's desire to help them reach their goals? If your response was "yes" to these questions, certification as a professional Christian Life Coach may be ideal for you. 

Call today for a complimentary session to have your questions answered and to receive details on how you can get started. 

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