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At the Table Christian Life Coach Certification Program

Are you passionate about helping people? Do you like to see others win?

Do you have a good listening ear? If you answered "yes" to these

questions, At the Table's accelerated Christian Life Coach Certification

Program may be ideal for you. This program is designed to properly

define Life Coaching and to lay the foundation of Christian Life Coaching.

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Welcome to At the Table Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking Services, LLC

CEO & Founder: Coach J Dianne Tribble
Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida

I was given the task to write about life coaching and what it has done for me.  Life coaching has helped me to be involved with life again.  Often times, life issues counts us out, or shall I say, we allow them to count us out.  In the African-American community, we are taught as children that what happens in the home, stays in the home and what this type of mentality does is stifle our ability to talk about problems or major issues that may occur in out environment.  Yes, only the crazy  folks uses the proverbial couch to deal with issues, right?  Wrong!

My life coaching experience has allowed me to open up and share issues about myself that have evolved from past hurts. No, it is not a substitute for counseling and dealing with mental illnesses, but it is a place to start allowing someone to be your advocate to discuss how you are feeling at that moment. Your life coach will guide you and encourage you on this journey call life. They are your personal cheerleaders. They will remind you of your worth, because you are worthy and valuable. My life coaching experience has made me see myself through the eyes of God and I recognize just how valuable, worthy, and wonderful I am. I owe that to my life’s cheerleader, my life coach, J. Dianne Tribble.

~ Tanya Adams, Florida

                                                                             Mission Statement:

With a strong desire to see women and men thrive in their purposes, we are committed to the process of assisting our clients to "unveil their full potential" through encouragement, support, partnership, and  the application of practical tools.

____________________________    Let's identify it; deal with it; and get ready to soar!  ________________________________

                                                                          What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a highly effective relationship between a coach and a client in assisting the client to create

goals, commit to the goals, and accomplish the goals set. Coaching is the process of assisting clients to

think and come up with quality decisions and solutions for themselves; thereby unveiling the full potential

of its clients. We specialize in helping our clients to come face-to-face with moments which define their

lives. The heart of coaching At the Table is to drive and achieve results.

                   At the Table Core Values

* Integrity
* Professionalism
* Excellence
* Confidentiality
* Safe Environment
* Joyful 

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